Our Mission

Preserving the health of Native families, cultures and environments.

Our History- Sierra Native Alliance was founded in 2007 by a group of Native American community members dedicated to the preservation of Native families, cultures, and lands. Our mission is to empower Native youth and families in the Sierra Nevada Foothills through Family Education, Cultural Resources and Environmental Education.

                                                                    Working Principles

Community Empowerment: working together to strengthen leadership skills and resources for youth, families and communities in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.


Cross-Cultural Awareness: building relationships across communities, tribal groups, and cultures to raise awareness of indigenous cultures and environments.


Intergenerational Sharing: bringing our youth and elders together to promote extended family relationships and intergenerational education opportunities.


Activity-based Learning: teaching traditional knowledge, values and ways of thinking through hands-on cultural education and environmental activities.


                                   Sierra Native Alliance is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization

AUBURN BIG TIME POW WOW October 15th 2022

Youth Services

Sierra Native Alliance welcomes Placer youth to attend our mentorship program with Mateo and Jessica. Come on over and hang out with your peers for fun traditional activities.

SNA Telehealth & Onsite Services

SNA continues to provide counseling and education services through telehealth. Staff are onsite and available for appointments.

Call  530-888-8767 to schedule an appointment.