Youth Programs

Sierra Native Alliance (SNA) provides age-appropriate groups for youth to strengthen social connections, life skills, and cultural knowledge. SNA Youth Department uses a Native Youth Wellness curriculum to guide youth in discussions about healthy communication, positive relationships, substance use, suicide prevention, teen pregnancy, and other important topics.

Groups include cultural activities and adventures; such summer camping trips, nature hikes, lake days, environmental activities, and cultural events.

Youth Groups Schedule

Tuesdays: Juniors (co-ed, 5-10 years) 4pm-5pm

Wednesday: Young Women’s Group (13-18 years) 4pm-5:30pm.

Thursday: Youth group (co-ed, 10-18 years) 4pm-5:30pm

Friday: Young Warriors Group (males, 13-18 years) 4-5:30pm

Ongoing: Youth Leadership Activities (co-ed, 16-20 years)

Within our groups youth grow as leaders, gaining new friendships, developing social skills, and becoming positive role models for our Native Community.

Youth Leadership: SNA Youth Department facilitates opportunities for our Native youth to connect with peers through cultural activities to share cultural traditions and practices, promoting relationships with positive role models in the Native Community. SNA creates opportunities for Youth Leaders to assist with peer education and community events.


Youth Counseling and Mentorship: SNA Behavioral Counselors and Youth Program staff work individually with youth to support healthy self-esteem, emotional development, and adult readiness skills. Mentors use Red Road teachings to guide youth through challenges in their life, learning how to maintain harmony through mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance.


Youth Advocacy: For youth involved with the child welfare system, juvenile justice, and/or special education services; Sierra Native Alliance provides Peer Support and Advocacy to assist youth in understanding their rights and the resources available to them. Parent support and family wellness services help to achieve best outcomes for their youth.

Please contact the Youth Services Department for more information about our youth programs 530-888-8767 or email

Mateo Ortega  or Jessica Ornelaz